What is Taya365 6D Lotto? What Are The Types Of Lottery Bets Here?

What is Taya365 6D Lotto? What Are The Types Of Lottery Bets Here?

Taya365 6D lotto is a type of lottery that was expanded in Hong Kong and then introduced to Philippines. It’s safe to say that this form of lottery is still quite new in our country, and many people are still unfamiliar with how to play. In this article, you will be explained and guided on how to play 6D lottery in the most detailed way.  

What is Taya365 6D lotto?

What is Taya365 6D lotto?
What is Taya365 6D lotto?

6D stands for 6 Digits, which is Mark 6 or Mark Six – a type of 6-number lottery originated from Hong Kong, specifically at the company HKJC Lotboards Limited – a subsidiary company of the betting, horse racing, and sports entertainment managing corporation The Hong Kong Jockey Club.

For Hong Kong people, Taya365 6D lotto is similar to the lottery for Philippines people. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday, at 9:15 pm, is the time when families usually sit together to watch the live 6D lottery draw results.

In each lottery drawing, there will be 6 random numbers drawn from a set ranging from 1 to 49. If your lottery ticket matches these 6 numbers, then you become the lucky winner.

In addition, there is a special number called the Extra Number, which is drawn after the 6-number set is completed. This 7th number will be drawn from the remaining 43 numbers and it will be combined with the remaining 6 numbers to form the winning sequence for smaller prizes.

Types of betting at Taya365 6D lotto

Types of betting at Taya365 6D lotto
Types of betting at Taya365 6D lotto

HiLo Betting

HiLo betting, also known as High-Low or Over-Under betting, is established based on the special number ‘Extra Number’ of the current and previous drawing.

If you think the Extra number of the current draw is higher than the previous one, choose Hi. If you predict it is lower, choose Lo.

For example, if the current lottery draw is the 10th one with an Extra number of 17, and the Extra number of the 9th draw was 23. Therefore, if you bet Lo, you win; if you bet Hi, you lose the bet.

Note that if you draw in this type of bet, the bet amount will be refunded.

Extra Number Betting

In the number range from 1 to 49, you will choose one number. You can choose the BET type – the number you choose will match the Extra Number, or the EAT type – the number you choose is not the Extra Number. Whatever number you choose, just select that number and choose either Bet or Eat.

Big Small Betting (Over-Under)

In the number range from 1 to 49, numbers from 1 to 24 are determined to be Small or Under. And numbers from 25 to 49 are Big or Over. Choose a number and choose Over or Under, then Place Order.

Even-Odd Betting  

Similarly, you have a series of numbers from 1 to 49, divided into even or odd numbers. If you choose the Even option, all you need is for the Extra number to be an even number and you win the bet. Conversely, if the Extra number is an odd number, then you lose the bet. The amount of money lost depends on the odds (which will be presented in detail in the following section).  

RGB Color Betting  

Color betting is a new way to play, but it’s very easy. In the range of numbers from 1 to 49 used to draw the 6D lottery results, there are usually 3 basic colors: red, green, and blue. When betting, you just need to choose one of the three options to place your bet, these options are: Red, Green, Blue.

When the lottery system selects a number as the Extra number, whatever color that number represents will be the basis for your reward.

Zodiac Betting  

Zodiac betting is a bit complicated but very suitable for those who are spiritually inclined. For example, this year is the Year of the Ox, so the Ox will be number 1, 2 is the Tiger, 3 is the Rabbit, 4 is the Dragon… and so on, and the zodiac signs correspond to the numbers will rotate after counting all 12 zodiac signs and all 49 numbers.

Your job is to place a bet on one of the 12 zodiac signs. If the Extra number matches the zodiac sign you bet on, according to the rules of calculating the zodiac sign – the number just mentioned, then you will win the bet.

Experience playing Taya365 6D lotto

Experience playing Taya365 6D lotto
Experience playing Taya365 6D lotto

Based on the Hot and Cold number statistics. These are the numbers that have been drawn by Taya165 and statistically compiled, if you are a new player without a database, you can rely on this statistical table to find patterns and choose numbers to bet on.

Look at your winning history and betting history. If you have been betting for a while, the 6D lottery results will be enough for you to create your own database, do your own research and find patterns to make more “magical” betting choices in the future.

Play using a random number generator. If you don’t know how or don’t have the patience to find patterns in a sea of numbers in the draw results, you can choose a random number running from 1 to 49 provided for free on the internet, the browser will give you a number. All you have to do is bet on that number.

Betting on 6D also requires a strategy. Commonly, the method is to make small bets for small wins, then use the small profit to continue betting, creating a starting capital. Once you have a decent amount of money, withdraw your initial investment and only play with the winnings. Continue by using the winnings to spread your bets – that is, choose many different types of bets with different odds – you will win and may also lose, but at this point your initial capital is still intact, and the money lost and won can offset each other.

In conclusion, although the 6D lottery format is still very new and not everyone has the opportunity to approach this type of lottery, with Taya365, you not only get to play the very novel Hong Kong-style lottery, but also have the opportunity to entertain and earn a little extra money by betting. I wish you will soon find your “feel” for 6D, quickly get the hang of it and reap many benefits from Taya365 6D lotto.

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